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Old Fashioned Chicken & Noodles

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Old Fashioned Chicken and Noodles
2010-07-02 Other
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My grandparents always made this from scratch with homemade broth and noodles, but i've found that my shortcut is just as good.


1 Seasoned Rotisserie Chicken, all the meat picked apart, fat and skin discarded (or given to your doggie
1× 24 oz bag Frozen Thick Egg Noodles, i like reames best
2× 32 oz Cartons Good Quality Chicken Broth
Salt & Pepper, to taste


in a large pot, combine everything and simmer on medium low for about 45 minutes. you want the noodles to be soft and the broth to have thickened some from the starch the noodles let out.

mods: if you want a richer flavor, add the chicken bones to the pot and just pull them out later before serving. if you have homemade stock, use that. you can use turkey too, if you have leftovers on hand. a little fresh parsley is great too.

side note: i learned how to make homemade egg noodles from my mom, who learned from her great grandma Lola,. i wish i could give really specific instructions, but i'll explain it as i learned it. if you ever have the time, try it out.

start with a pile of flour on the counter (i measured this once, and its about 3 cups). make a well in the center. add about 6 egg yolks to the well, and a few half-shells full of water. slowly stir the sides of the well into the liquid in the center. when its all lumpy and stuck together start kneading it. if its too sticky, add more flour. if its to dry, add another half-shell of water at a time to make it pliable. knead it until its smooth. let it rest for about a half an hour, covered at room temperature. then on a floured surface, divide dough into 4 pieces and roll out each one to about 1/8" thick. then cut into strips to make noodles. use a knife, pizza cutter, scissors, whatever you prefer.toss the noodles lightly with a little flour and spread out on the counter to dry out a little bit before using.